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Throughout the launch and movement of the ICAF, we have been extremely blessed to host Key Presiders from almost every major Apostolic organization. During their time with us, the Presiders have blessed, encouraged and passed the mantle to Bishop Harris to build the ICAF platform of unity and reformation.

Superintendent Nathaniel Urshan (UPC)
“It is a pleasure to be a member of the ICAF. Bishop Harris has been given a direct vision of God to bring the Body of Christ together. This is a prelude to the great revival predicted in the book of Joel. I feel that the Church must come together, and this is one of the greatest platforms that I feel will bring unity, power and healing to the church. ”

Bishop James E. Tyson (PAW)
“The ICAF is a visionary movement that has been established to bring the Apostolic brethren together. It has always been God’s will for the church to fellowship and have unity. The ICAF ensures that this will happen and that a generational transfer will occur in the Body of Christ. I’m honored to be a part of the ICAF and pray for the continual blessing to be upon this movement.”

Presiding Bishop G.M. Boone (AAC)
“I’m proud of this accomplishment. Some made an attempt to bring us together before. But I feel with this vision and support it will happen. It takes a lot to bring this kind of unity together. I commend Bishop Harris and his staff for this great conference.”

Presiding Bishop Alfred Singleton (PCAF)
“It is great to have this kind of fellowship and platform in the Body of Christ. It has been a pleasure just being able to fellowship with these Presiding Bishop’s from all Apostolic organizations. This has never been done, and I commend the leader of this fellowship for the vision and foresight to bring this together. Saints everywhere should celebrate the fact that we now have a unified platform of Apostolic Fellowship.”

Presiding Bishop Jeremiah Reed (CTAF)
“I have been waiting a long time for this kind of fellowship. People that know me understand that I don’t endorse just anything. But I believe in my heart that God has chosen Bishop Harris to bring the entire Body of Christ together. I personally feel that this is one of the greatest visions of unity that we the Apostolic church has ever had. The attempt for unity has been tried before, but not with the vision, anointing, and strategy that this young man has been blessed with. I am sharing the news with everybody.”

Presiding Bishop Willie J. Duncan (UAC)
“This mission to bring the Body together is one of the most historical movements of this era. Our history has consisted of Azusa Street to all of our major organizations, and now we have the ICAF. This is an end time manifestation of the scripture that says until we all come into the unity of the faith.”

Presiding Bishop Henry Alexander (SOFC)
“This is astonishing to see that this vision is coming into fruition in our lifetime. I’m impressed with what I see in this vision. And will make myself available to assist in any area that I’m needed.”

Presiding Bishop James Nelson (WAR)
“This is a noteworthy cause, and should be supported by everyone everywhere. God is bringing his people together, and it should be that way. I am here to show my support and excitement for this endeavor.”

Presiding Bishop Jerry Gilbert (IAC)
“What a tremendous vision and opportunity for the Body of Christ. It has always been God’s will for us to be together, and we will with God’s help be together. I support this endeavor fully.”

Presiding Bishop Charles Ford Walker (AMA)
“It’s time for us to come together. And I believe that God has given this man a vision to do just that. If we all could just be sensitive to what God is saying and let him lead us. We can bring the needed change to the Body of Christ.”

Apostle William McCoy (PAC)
“This is the platform that we can all work together on. We have been divided too long; together we can break down the walls that divide us. I’ve seen the progress by just being at this conference. And I know that the best is yet to come.”

Bishop David Maxwell (COOLJC)
“I was absolutely impressed with Dr. Harris, the Executive Director of the ICAF. I speak prophetically to declare that God has a special calling and anointing on his life that is not confined to a local ministry but it is a global anointing. I pledge my support and my solidarity to Dr. Harris. God has given him a special gifting and insight and I salute him.”