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Q. What is the vision of the ICAF?
A. It is the vision of this movement to organize an efficient and relevant fellowship for the enhancement of Apostolic Churches Worldwide. It is our vision to educate and inspire the Pastors, ministers, leaders, and laity of these churches to achieve ministerial and evangelistical excellence.

Q. What is the purpose of the ICAF?
A. It is our attempt to bridge the gap between our various organizations and to incorporate ecclesiastical fellowship and training. It is also our purpose to provide an ecclesiastical covering for independent churches that are searching for a 21st century platform for ministry. This fellowship is for Pastors who are seeking more instruction, training, and who have the desire to share their knowledge and experience with others who are seeking more specific instruction. Finally, this fellowship is for your laity who may need systematic and anointed training to be a better use to the cities and churches that they are working in.

Q. What does the ICAF offer?
A. The ICAF offers assurance that every church in the country receives relevant and impactful training.

  • Assurance that every Pastor will receive impartation and wisdom that will help them in ministry.
  • Assurance that every church will receive conducive fellowship and an arena for networking.
  • Assurance that every Pastor, as well as, their members will receive specific and strategic training and education from an accredited source.
  • The ability to ensure that every church will receive an international covering for their ministry and ministry staff.
  • Fellowships that will bridge the gap between church, organizations, Pastors, and enhance creativity, relevance, and progressiveness.

Q. Who can join the ICAF?
A. The fellowship is open to any Apostolic Church who believes in the totality of the Apostolic Faith. The ICAF is Apostolic based and founded. Additionally, the fellowship is open to any Apostolic Church despite your organizational affiliation.

Q. How is the ICAF different from the current organizations?
A. Although God has shifted the focus of the ICAF to now providing an organization covering for churches worldwide, it is still unlike our tradition models of present organizations.

  • The ICAF is non-binding and does not require a Pastor or Church to leave their current organization if they are settled and satisfied with the structure of their movement.
  • The ICAF is a national training and ministry fellowship platform.
  • The ICAF is a platform that brings Pastors and organizations together to enhance Apostolic unity and fellowship.
  • The ICAF also ministers to independent churches that do not desire to join an organization but desires international fellowship, mentorship, and training.

Q. In what areas is the ICAF located?
A. The ICAF is an international fellowship strategically serving churches within the United States, as well as, in foreign countries. It continues to be the fastest growing Apostolic movement in the country.

Q. What type of fellowship does the ICAF offer?
A. Usually, a church only fellowships within the realms of their given circles and organizations. The ICAF offers a Pastor and Church the opportunity to fellowship with other ministries, despite their organizational affiliations. It also provides the opportunity for Pastors to connect, network and expand their current circles of fellowship and ministry. The ICAF strives to build bridges to bring the Body of Christ together.

Q. What type of training does the ICAF offer?
A. We offer dynamic and specific training for every area of church ministry. The ICAF church development conference has been labeled as one of the greatest Apostolic developmental training platforms due to the high caliber of programming and ministry experts that are present to teach and impart to each of the delegates.

Q. Does the ICAF offer any specific training or resources specifically for Pastors?
A. The ICAF provides various activities and training which include exclusive Pastors and First Lady Retreats, a resource for Pastoral counseling, Pastoral mentorship, as well as specialized Pastoral training via on-site instruction, correspondence, and/or virtual satellite venues.

Q. Do I have to be a Pastor to join the ICAF?
A. No, the ICAF also focuses on ministers, evangelists, and laity who desire an international platform for networking, preaching, teaching, and training. 

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