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About ICAF
The ICAF is a coalition made up of various organizations and churches. It is a foundation and platform for fellowship, training, and ecclesiastical mentorship. This coalition is made up of churches across different geographical locations, varying in church size, organizational affiliation, and structure, but is unified to work together for the following causes:
To ensure that every church in the country receives relevant and impactful training, impartation, and wisdom that will help them in their Pastorate.
To ensure that every church will have a platform for fellowship and an arena for networking.
To ensure that every Pastor, as well as their members, will receive specific and strategic training and education from an accredited source.
To ensure that every church will receive an international covering for their ministry and ministerial staff.
To organize an efficient and relevant fellowship for the enhancement of Apostolic Churches Worldwide.
To educate and inspire the Pastors, ministers, leaders, and laity of these churches to achieve ministerial and evangelistic excellence.
To focus on the training of church leaders and the expansion of church vision and membership.

The ICAF is located in the following domestic regions:

Central Region: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky & Illinois

Mid-East Region: Alabama, Tennessee & Arkansas

Southern Region: Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia & Florida

West Coast Region: California, Oregon, & Arizona

New York/ New Jersey Region

The ICAF has representatives in every region to assist you in providing information about the ICAF, as well as, hosting conferences, retreats, programming in your region.